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Acting responsibly towards all stakeholders — our customers, business partners, shareholders, people, communities, and the environment — has been our strategic approach since the early days of the company. For Aramex, sustainability is a strategic decision; it is embedded in our business model and r


Aramex Green office handbook

To support Aramex to become more
environmentally sustainable by
targeting employee behavior.


Freeing the Social Entrepreneur- Stanford Social Innovation Review

 This article provides insight on how social entrepreneurs can make the transition from a start-up to an organization. 

Read the full article here.

The New Frontier in Sustainability - BSR Report

“If our current demands continue, by 2030 we will need the equivalent of two planets to maintain our lifestyles” – BSR report ‘The New Frontier in Sustainability- The Business Opportunity in Tackling Sustainable Consumption’.  

The urgency of responding to this prevailing crisis and existing innovation and trends on sustainable consumption are discussed in BSR’s report. Read the full report here.

How to Start an Entrepreneurial Revolution in Six Months-Harvard Business Review

For all entrepreneurs who are eager to start a revolution in a period of six months, Harvard Business Review provides a practical guide in this stimulating article.

To read the full article, click here.

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